Three Keys For Buying Replacement Windows

14 September 2017
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When you need to get a set of brand-new windows for your house, it's critical that you buy the right kind, get the help of a replacement windows contractor, and take the time to shop diligently. From here, you'll be able to have the right budget in place that gets you an excellent installation without you having to come out of your pocket too much. Factor in the points in this article so that you have what you need to install some brand-new windows on your terms. Read More 

5 Tips For Keeping Your Windows Clean This Spring

31 March 2017
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Spring is a great time to clean up your windows so that you can look outside and see the bright and beautiful day. Here are five tips that will help you keep your windows looking clean and awesome this spring. #1 Clean Out Your Gutter It may not seem like common sense to clean your gutters to keep your windows clean; however, when your gutters are full, water can easily overflow and run down the side of your house. Read More 

3 Missteps To Avoid In Selecting And Hanging Drapes

23 March 2017
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In designing a room, selecting and hanging the drapes might seem like the easiest task of all. In actuality, there are mistakes that you could make that lead to a less-than-perfect appearance. To avoid this, here are some common mistakes that people make with drapes and tips for getting it right.   Painting Before Choosing the Drapes It might seem logical to paint a room before choosing the drapes, but this could prove to be a bad decision. Read More 

Time for Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips to Take the Work Out of Cleaning Your Blinds

16 March 2017
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Winter is finally coming to an end. Spring will be here before you know it. If you're in the process of switching into cleaning mode, there's probably one chore that you're really dreading – the cleaning of the blinds. Your window blinds collect plenty of dirt, dust, and oils. Unfortunately, because of those slats, they can be a real pain to get clean. This is particularly true if you don't have some short cuts in your cleaning arsenal. Read More 

How Your Choice Of New Windows Can Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

9 March 2017
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Creating an energy efficient home is an important consideration for many American homeowners. This is largely due to the increased cost of electricity and other utilities and also due to the growing desire to create more sustainable living practices. Insulation of walls, floors, and ceilings is a very common way to combat these concerns, but reducing heat transference through windows is an issue that is often neglected. Windows generally represent between 15% and 20% of a home's wall surfaces and are the home's biggest culprits for allowing heat loss and gain. Read More