3 Ways To Keep Your House Warm In The Winter Without Wearing Out Your Heater

19 February 2018
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Looking for ways to keep your house warm during those cold winter months? Here are three things you can do to effectively get the job done: Incorporate Area Rugs into Your Design An easy yet effective way to warm the rooms in your home up when it gets chilly during the winter is to incorporate a few area rugs into your d├ęcor. A thick area rug will provide a buffer between your feet and the cold floor, which will help keep you warm as you navigate through your house without wearing out your heating system. Read More 

3 Inexpensive Living Room Updates For You To Try

31 January 2018
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Are you a homeowner who is getting tired of your home? Although selling and moving to a new home can be great, it's not always the best idea when your only reason for doing so is being tired of your surroundings. Not only is it a major hassle, the whole process can be quite expensive. Instead of moving completely, you should consider updating and redecorating your home to make it look fresh and new. Read More 

Why Your Business Needs Professional Window Cleaning

14 January 2018
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A lean office building makes a great impression. Potential employees who are coming in for an interview will be checking the place out to see if it is up to par. Customers and big clients who stop by also look around and notice whether the place is clean or not. Although you might have a cleaning crew that comes in every night to do things like empty trash cans, refill vending machines and tidy up the bathrooms, it's very easy to overlook the importance of cleaning the windows. Read More 

3 Best Materials For Your New Front Entry Door

27 December 2017
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If your exterior door is warped and cracked, and letting too much draft into your home, it is time to replace your exterior door. There are three primary types of door material that you can use for your exterior door, wood, steel or fiberglass. Wood Doors Wood exterior doors are very common, especially for the front entryway. Wood doors are made out of heavy wood, so they are not going to break easily. Read More 

Want More Windows? How to Install Them Without Adding Any Negative Qualities

30 November 2017
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When you moved into your home, you may have chosen furniture layouts based on several factors including the size and placement of the windows. For instance, putting a couch up against a wall can work well, but not when the couch is pushed directly against a large window. This can prevent people from seeing through the bottom part of the window and make it hard to open. Making plans to add new windows is excellent when you want change and extra lighting. Read More