Have You Considered These Siding Styles?

14 October 2016
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Most homeowners choose vinyl siding for their homes. In fact, This Old House reports that 32 percent of new homes are being constructed with vinyl siding. The benefits of vinyl are that it is usually cheaper than other siding materials and comes in a number of colors. However, vinyl is not the only choice you have when it comes to siding for your home. Depending on the style and location of your home, you may find that another type of siding is a better fit. Read More 

4 Steps To Take When Preparing For Window Replacement For Your Small Home

20 July 2016
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If you live in a small, older home and need new windows that are affordable for your house, there are several steps you will need to complete for this job to occur. New windows can help improve the energy efficiency in your home and can increase its value, but getting your windows replaced can also be a big, costly, and messy job. Here are the four most important steps you will need to complete for window replacement in your home. Read More 

Five Things You Need To Give Your Sliding Glass Door A Tune-Up

4 May 2016
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Your sliding glass door should work effortlessly, but in some cases it may need a tune-up. Luckily, with some DIY acumen and a free afternoon, you can easily tune-up your sliding glass door. You just need the right supplies -- here's what you need: 1. Flathead Screwdriver In order to tune-up your sliding glass door, you need to remove it. The door is heavy, and you need to be careful, but luckily, the only tool you need is a simple screw driver. Read More 

3 Steps for Quickly Making Your Home’s Old Windows Airtight before a Severe Cold Snap

11 January 2016
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When a cold snap hits your area during winter, you want to do everything possible to keep your family warm without driving up your energy bill. However, if you have old leaky windows with cracks and gaps, they could add an additional 10 to 25% to your energy costs. If you need to quickly make your windows airtight before a looming cold snap, use the steps below. Step 1:  Fill Cracks in the Glass with Super Glue Read More