What To Do When You Encounter Problems With Brand-New Windows

2 October 2017
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Brand-new windows should not have problems immediately after installation. However, on rare occasions, it does occur. If your new windows have some issues, you may feel exasperated and frustrated. Here is how to handle this unusual problem.

Check the Warranty on the Windows

Clearly, with these windows being as new as they are, they might be covered under a manufacturer's warranty. If the problems you are having with these windows is in relation to factory defects, you may be able to get window replacements for free. Be sure to read the fine print, and then get ready to make some phone calls.

Call the Seller/Installation Contractor

Call the company that installed your windows. If that is a different company than the company that sold you the windows, call both. They should know that something is amiss with the products they sold you and the products they installed. Inferior products are often grounds for a lawsuit, and most contractors and sellers would prefer to avoid such things. They should be able to tell you if the problems are covered by the warranty, or if the problems are something they did wrong on their end. 

Call the Warranty Company after Confirming Factory Defects

Usually, the contractor that installs your windows is willing to come back to your home and check the workmanship. If he/she confirms that the installation work is not the problem and that there are factory defects, then you need to call the warranty company next. In fact, it is a very good idea to call the warranty company while the contractor is still standing there. The contractor can speak the warranty company's jargon so that it is perfectly clear to the warranty company what is going on. Then you can get your replacement windows ordered right away.

While You Wait for the Replacement Windows

In the meantime, the contractor can do a sort of patch job on the windows to help prevent the current issues from continuing. The patch job is only meant to last a week or two, until your replacement windows have arrived. (If it takes longer than that, be sure to call the contractor and have him/her redo any patch jobs and/or ask about the ETA on the windows.) 

During that time, you will not be able to open the windows for fresh air. When the replacement windows arrive, the contractor will call you to set up an installation time. This whole process will take between two and three weeks (roughly) from the time you first notice and report the problems with your brand-new windows. For more information, contact companies like Bradenton Window & Allied Products.