3 Best Materials For Your New Front Entry Door

27 December 2017
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If your exterior door is warped and cracked, and letting too much draft into your home, it is time to replace your exterior door. There are three primary types of door material that you can use for your exterior door, wood, steel or fiberglass.

Wood Doors

Wood exterior doors are very common, especially for the front entryway. Wood doors are made out of heavy wood, so they are not going to break easily. Wood doors are a classic front entry door choice because they look very elegant.

The downside to having a wood entry door is that they require some care. You are going to need to stain your wood door every few years in order to keep the wood protected. You need to be protective to keep your door from warping. A high-quality wood door should not warp easily though; it should have protective coatings on it that prevent the door from warping.

Steel Door

If you want a front entry door that is going to be really strong and durable, steel entry doors are the way to go. With a steel door, you are never going to have to worry about it warping like you would with a wood door. You also don't have to worry about rot as well. There is pretty much no environmental conditions that should compromise the integrity of a steel front entry door.

Most entry doors are made out of 24-gague steel. 24-gague steel is really hard to damage. It would take incredible force to bend or damage a steel door, and is almost impossible to kick-in.

Another big advantage of steel entry front doors is that they can really help cut down on heat transfer from the outside to the inside of your home. The middle of your steel door is filled with foam, which reduced the transfer of heat from outside to inside your home.

Fiberglass Door

Another option is a fiberglass front entry door. A fiberglass front entry door is kind of like a compromise between a wood door or a steel door. The visual aspect of a fiberglass door can be customized to look like a variety of different materials, which means your fiberglass front door can be made to look like it is a wood door, a steel door, or another material altogether. With a fiberglass door, you don't really have any yearly maintenance that you need to do, other than cleaning the door.

Fiberglass doors are also designed to be energy efficient. They are insulated with foam just like steel doors are, so the heat transfers from outside to inside of your home is cut down. That means that your door should not let in drafts or heat, which should keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

All three door options should keep your home warm and protected. It is really about what look you want and what your budget is. contact a company, like Clear Choice Exteriors, Your Local Window Depot, for more help.