Need Hurricane Shutters? Know The 4 Options Available To You

10 January 2023
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Do you live in an area that is prone to high winds from hurricanes, and you are worried about a window breaking and causing the wind to tear up the inside of your home? If so, you will need to invest in hurricane shutters. Here are some of the options that are available to you. 

Storm Panels

The most affordable option for hurricane shutters is storm panels. These panels are manually attached to the front of the windows to protect them from flying debris. Storm panels work much like using wood, but are going to look like a much more elegant solution with a way to attach and detach the panels with ease. If you are on a budget, you can get storm panels made out of plastic or more durable panels made out of metal.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are unique due to being made out of panels that fold up like an accordion when they are not being used to protect your windows. The panels come together and connect, which makes them very easy to use when the time comes. Accordion shutters are easy to use, practical to provide protection, and affordable. However, they may not look the best on your home when not in use.

Roll-Down Shutters

Another option is roll-down shutters. Rather than have interlocking panels that come together, roll-down shutters look much like a garage door in how they operate. They have horizontal slats that allow the material to roll up into a compartment above the window. When the shutters need to be used, you can pull them down and lock them to the bottom of the window frame. There are also rolling shutters that can be automated with a mechanical mechanism that rolls them up and down.

Bahama Shutters

What makes Bahama shutters unique is that they are attached with a hinge at the top of the window. You can use these shutters to control airflow when there is not a storm or close them completely when a storm is coming. The placement of the hinge allows these shutters to be opened and closed easily, especially for second-floor windows that would not be practical for storm panels.

Not sure which type of hurricane shutters are best for you? Reach out to a hurricane shutter contractor for more information. They can help select the right shutters for your home and perform the installation for you.