A Look at the Steps Involved with Window Installation for Your Home

16 November 2022
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If you're making improvements to your home to make it more energy efficient or to improve its appearance, don't forget about your windows. New windows give your home a fresh look and they can also make your home more energy efficient. Installing windows can be a big job, but the contractor will handle all the work and details. Here are things to know about window installation.

Have A Home Visit

A representative from the window company should come to your home to help you choose the type of window frames and glass you want. They'll also take measurements of the windows to be replaced so they can order the right parts. They'll also consider the type of insulation and flashing to use on the windows so that when installation day arrives, all decisions have been made.

Remove The Old Window

It's usually a good idea to remove the old window frame when you get new windows so the wall opening can be checked for water damage. If the area has rotted, repairs need to be made before the new window is installed. The window installation contractor should take the old windows and haul them away when they leave so you don't have to deal with them.

Install New Window Frames

Installers need to work inside your house as well as outdoors when they put in a new window. You might want to prepare ahead of time and remove fragile items from the area and take down drapes so the workers have room and so dust and debris don't fall on your sofa.

One of the most important steps in window installation is getting the window level. The installer may need to use shims to get the window level and in the perfect position. When the window is in place, it can be secured with screws. The installer might use adhesives in some instances when installing the window.

Sealing the window with caulk and insulation is the last step. The contractor might push fiberglass insulation in gaps or use expanding foam. The gaps around the frame on the outside are filled in with caulk. This is important for keeping out air and rain.

It's efficient to have multiple windows put in on the same visit since a crew can work to remove windows while other workers install them. However, if your home renovation will progress in stages, you might want the windows put on in stages too, especially if you need to stagger paying for them.

If you're putting new windows in during the spring or summer, you might want to start with the west or south windows so you can control the solar warming of your home and save the other sides of your house for when your budget is ready.

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