Is It Time To Go Back To Curtains?

8 June 2022
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Window treatments can complete a room, which means choosing the right type of window treatment can be nerve-wracking. Not only do you have to choose one that fits the decor of the room, but somehow all of the window treatments you have in your house have to manage to match. Many take the easy route and buy the same blinds for each window of the house, but blinds don't work in all rooms all of the time. They have some major advantages, but also enough disadvantages that curtains may be a better choice. This is especially true if you're trying to make the room quieter and darker.

What Happened to Curtains?

Curtains weren't too popular for a while after blinds gained a foothold because blinds were easier to replace; if one slat got bent, you bought a replacement slat. That's a lot easier than if the curtain got ripped and you had to look at a repaired seam for the rest of the curtain's life. There was also the issue of trying to spot clean these huge drapes versus spraying a little cleaner on the blinds.

You Can Get Machine-Washable Ones Now

Curtains now are a bit different. For one thing, you can get many that are machine-washable and tumble-dryer friendly. A pass with a steam iron is all you need after that. But also, the curtains now are available in forms that don't just add decoration or close off a window.

Curtains Can Block Sound and Light Better Than a Lot of Blinds

Blackout curtains aren't new, but they are gaining more popularity as homes are built closer together and people have busy roads and parking lots right outside their homes. It is very easy to get blackout curtains in a wealth of patterns and colors, letting you add pizazz to your home instead of having plain pieces of cloth. These curtains do a great job of blocking a lot of environmental sounds, and when placed correctly, they make rooms very, very dark, with little light leaking in around the sides.

How About Layers?

If you truly like blinds but want the light- and sound-blocking features of curtains, you can have layers of window treatments. Place the blinds so that the headrail is inside the window frame space and place the curtain rod just above the window (if using blackout curtains, place the rod higher so that more of the curtain blocks leaking light). You can get dual rods, too, so you can have a sheer layer in front of the blackout layer.

There are so many ways to customize your windows with different treatments, including getting customized blinds and curtains themselves. Speak with a window-covering company about what might fit your windows and which materials will be best for your lifestyle.

For more information on window treatments, contact a professional near you.