How To Apply Tint To Your Home's Windows

26 August 2021
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When it comes to changing the appearance of your home and improving its comfort, consider applying residential tinting to your windows. Residential window tinting is something you can take on by yourself, or it is something that you can hire a residential window tinting service to take care of for you.

Clean Things Up

Before window tint can be applied to the glass, you need to make sure everything is clean. You are going to want to clean the windows that you will be applying the film to. You are going to want to clean more than the glass; you will want to clean the frame and still as well. When you or a professional install the film, the tinting films don't get dirty touching the other components on the window.

When cleaning the glass, you don't want there to be any dust or streaks present. If there is, you need to remove them before applying the film. If you apply the film on top of streaks or dust, they will stay in place, so you need to eliminate them for clean-looking windows in the future.

Prepare the Film

Second, you need to prepare the film before it is applied. To do so, measure the exact dimensions of the glass, and then double-check your measurements. Once you have those, cut the film. You will want to add a little bit of space on each side so that you have a little leeway. Just remember to not take off the backing.

Remove the Backing Together

Removing the backing should be a two-person job. Make sure you have someone there to hold the tint as the backing is removed. That way, you avoid getting the tint stuck on itself or damaging the tint as you are getting it ready. Holding the film flat as the backing is removed by two people reduces the risk of damage.

Applying the Tint

Fourth, the tin has to be applied. The adhesive on most window tints has to be activated in a specific manner. Generally, you need to spray water on the film and the window right before applying the tint. This helps to activate the adhesive.

When applying the tint, start at the edge and slowly apply the tint. From here, work out any bubbles and imperfections by pushing them to the edge. This can generally be achieved through the use of a squeegee. Once everything is in place, any extra film can be carefully trimmed away.

Applying window tint and getting it right requires skills and patience. You can apply the window tint yourself or hire a professional residential window tinting service to take care of this for you. Contact a residential window tinting service to learn more.