Guiding Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Hurricane Shutters

4 March 2021
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Installing hurricane-resistant shutters in your windows and doors is one of the best ways to guard your home and family against hurricane effects. A hurricane usually results in strong winds that can lead to flying debris, breaking your windows and doors. Some can lead to heavy rains that can flood your property, allowing water to penetrate your house. Therefore, it is vital to invest in hurricane shutters. The following are three factors to consider when choosing hurricane shutters. 


You can find various types of hurricane shutters, and the common ones are Bahama, colonial, rolling, and accordion. Bahama shutters are hinged at the top side of a door or window and open like an awning. They stay on year-round, so if your region experiences hurricanes occasionally, you can purchase this type.

Colonial shutters work in the same ways as Bahama ones, but they are hinged at the sides, which means they swing out when they are opened. Rolling shutters can be rolled downwards, and you can remove them when there is no hurricane. They can also enhance security in your home or increase privacy.

Accordion shutters work like rolling ones, but they slide horizontally. Therefore, they are an excellent option for curved windows.


Hurricane shutters are made of different materials, including aluminum, steel, plywood, and polycarbonate plastic. Steel hurricane shutters are reliable and affordable. Aluminum shutters are slightly pricier than steel ones, but they are thicker, which means they can withstand stronger hurricanes.

Plywood window shutters can help with storm effects, but they should not be used by homeowners who experience heavy hurricanes. Besides, prolonged exposure to rain can make the wood rot. Consequently, plywood shutters should only be used for one storm.

Polycarbonate (PC) plastic hurricane-resistant shutters are the most expensive, but they offer numerous benefits. Firstly, they are transparent like glass, so you will get adequate natural light when they are on. Moreover, they are impact-resistant, which means they don't dent like metals. PC plastic shutters are also heat-resistant, which means they can help you save energy.

Some types of hurricane shutters are made of different materials. With professional help, you should find material that will work for you.

Corrosion Resistance

Ocean water is saline, and when it floods your property, your hurricane shutters will be exposed to the salts. As a result, they can rust over time, forcing you to buy new ones every season. Thus, it is important to purchase corrosion-resistant hurricane shutters, as they will serve you for years.

Hurricane shutters help many homeowners protect their properties. If you want to install hurricane shutters, it is vital to work closely with professionals to avoid mistakes.