4 Reasons To Choose Window Shades Over Blinds

12 January 2021
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Window shades and blinds are similar in design and function. And both types of window treatment come in an array of styles and colors. As such, if you are trying to decide what will work best for your home, you might be unsure of which one to go with.

To help you decide, here are four reasons why window shades might be more beneficial to your home than blinds.

1. Less Daily Maintenance

The slats that make up blinds tend to attract dust. This means that you'll need to wipe each individual slat every day to ensure that dust doesn't build up on them. If you have blinds in multiple rooms, cleaning them can be time-consuming.

Shades come in one piece of cloth. This means that while you will need to vacuum them every now and then to remove dust and other particles, cleaning them is faster and easier than cleaning blinds.

If you are a busy stay-at-home parent, shades will be easier to maintain so you'll have more time for parental duties.

2. Better Insulation Properties

The gaps between the slats of blinds mean that blinds are very poor insulators. In contrast, cellular shades, with their honeycomb cells, can trap air as it moves. This feature helps to keep cold air out and warm air in during winter. And during hot summer days, cellular shades can also help to keep your home cool.  

3. Less Noise on Windy Days

Blinds tend to consist of solid materials like wood, vinyl and aluminum. On windy days, blinds can make a lot of noise if you have the windows open to let in fresh air. This is a disadvantage if you have young children that you need to put down for a nap during the day.

Window shades are soft and soundless since they consist of cloth. This makes them ideal for homes that value peace and quiet.

4. Better Safety for Children and Pets

Although both blinds and shades come in cordless designs, such as cordless roller shades, blinds still have a disadvantage when it comes to safety for pets and children. The cords that attach each individual slat can still endanger children and pets that become entangled with them.

Cordless shades don't have any cords or strings. This makes them a safer option if you have young children or pets like cats or birds at home.

Window shades have several benefits not offered by blinds. They might be just what you need to take your interior design to the next level.