4 Ways New Energy-Efficient Windows Benefit Your Home And Family

19 November 2020
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When you're renovating your old home, you may wonder if it will pay off to put in new windows. New windows can make a difference in the way your home looks, and they have other benefits as well, especially if you're careful about choosing energy-efficient windows. Here are four reasons to include new energy-efficient windows in your home renovation plans.

1. Your Baby's Room Will Be More Comfortable

If you have a baby or toddlers, you want them to be warm and snug when they sleep at night. Small kids may not keep their covers on, so the room temperature should be warm and comfortable.

Old windows are often drafty and cold to the touch. Energy-efficient windows are different. You can buy insulated frames and windows with multiple panes of glass so it isn't so cold around the windows, and the temperature in the room is uniform rather than having hot and cold pockets of air.

2. You Can Open The Drapes During The Day

If you have old, drafty windows, you may need to keep heavy drapes over them for extra insulation. You might also need to cover the windows in plastic to keep out chilly drafts, and then your windows look ugly.

You can open your drapes and enjoy looking out the clear glass when you have energy-efficient windows and not worry about your house getting too cold. Being able to see outdoors and enjoy the view could make cold winter days a little less dreary.

3. You'll Enjoy The Convenience Of Modern Windows

You have a lot of choices in new windows when it comes to the frames and glass. You might enjoy living with double-hung windows so you can tilt them inside for easy cleaning. You might also want windows with glass treated to reflect UV rays so your rooms don't get too hot in the summer and so UV rays don't fade your furniture and carpet.

4. You Could Save Money

When you install new energy-efficient windows, you could save money on your power bills in the summer and during the winter. By keeping warm air inside in the winter and hot air outside in the summer, the windows could make it easier to control the climate in your home so the HVAC runs less. This not only lowers your power bill, but it could help your HVAC have a longer life.

Besides all these benefits, new windows improve the curb appeal of your home and add to your home's value. Replacement windows have labels on them that rate their energy efficiency. That makes it easy to match new windows to your climate, but you may also want help and advice from a replacement window professional when choosing your new energy-efficient windows.