Having Wood Windows Installed? Follow These Tips

5 October 2020
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Wood windows are not as common as they once were. They're simply not as efficient or durable as windows made from vinyl or composite. However, the look of wood windows is impossible to replicate, and so for many owners of older, traditional homes, wood windows remain a good choice. And they can, indeed, be reasonably efficient and low-maintenance if you are smart about choosing your wood windows and having them installed. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Choose pre-finished wood windows.

You can buy pre-finished wood windows that have already been painted or stained, or you can buy unfinished windows and finish them after they have been installed. While unfinished windows are usually cheaper, you are better off paying a bit more for pre-finished windows. This way, the windows will be protected on all sides — so if they do leak at any point, the wood won't be exposed to as much moisture and will be less likely to rot.

Have the windows professionally installed.

It's always a good idea to have windows professionally installed, but this is even more important with wood windows. It's essential that the windows are installed level within the frame and that proper insulation is placed around them to prevent air and water leaks. Installing windows is not a DIY job, especially when working with wood windows that will quickly deteriorate if there's the smallest leak.

Opt for double-hung windows when possible.

If you have a choice as to what type of window to install, choose double-hung windows over casement windows. The hardware on double-hung windows is simpler and less likely to break if the wood does start to deteriorate as it ages. With all of the hinges and cranks on casement windows, a little wood deterioration in the wrong place could leave the window nonoperational.

Pay close attention to your glass choice.

Knowing that wood is not as efficient as some other materials, you should be especially careful to choose glass that is very efficient. Look for double-pane glass, which has a layer of air that acts as an insulator between the glass panes. Also look for Low-E glass, which is glass that has been treated with a heat-reflecting coating.

If you follow the tips above when choosing and installing wood windows, you should have a good outcome. For more advice and guidance on installing windows like Anderson windows, reach out to a window replacement company near you.