What Type Of Door Will Match My Home?

31 August 2019
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Your home's door plays a great role in the beauty of your home. For this reason, you'll want to make sure that the door that you replace your old door with will match the style and decor of your home. First, you'll need to consider the type of home that you have.


Traditional homes are those that use simple or classical architectural styles. They are constructed using stone, brick, or stucco. The type of doors most often used for these homes are either made from wood or are made with fiberglass with a stain designed to make the door resemble wood. 


If you have purchased a newer home, there's a good chance that the home will be contemporary. They will often have designs that are asymmetrical. You may also have buildings that have flat roofs. It is common for them to use skylight windows. The types of doors that are most often used for contemporary homes are sleek and chic. However, you'll want to make sure that the entryway does not look too cold and sterile, so make sure to include a wood finish or something else that adds color.


Craftsman homes emerged out of the 1900s but have become more popular today. They are known for their low-pitched roofs and front porches with square columns. The standard type of door for a craftsman home is a solid wood door with a decorative glass. 


Those who love ornate, old-style, and decorative homes might choose to purchase a Victorian home. These types of homes are large, have bay windows, and often have columns. The most common type of door is a glass panel, often with stained glass. Victorian homes often use bold colors for their front doors. You might choose to use a colorful fiberglass door with a glass pane. Focus on whichever colors you think would best fit your home's personality.


If you live in the southwest, you might be living in a Mediterranean home. They are known for having terra cotta roofs and a stucco exterior. Double doors are commonly used to give your home the image of the old world. Front doors often consist of wood and wrought-iron grilles. The hardware tends to be very decorative, and the doors are often darker. While you'll want to keep in mind what is expected, if you which to go against the grain, there is no limit to the replacement doors available.