Preparation Tips To Get Your Newly-Built Home Ready For Move-In

27 May 2019
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When you buy a home the entire process can be lengthy from start to finish and leave you ready to move in and relax so you can enjoy your new home. But as you move into your new home, there are still some tasks that might need your attention before you can settle in completely. Here are some recommendations and insight to help you make your new home your own and comfortable for your needs.

Install Window Coverings

Most new build homes are going to be completely new in ever way, but this means they will not have the added touches of privacy blinds in the windows. When you move into your new homes, any windows in the home are going to be ready for window coverings, such as draperies or window blinds.

For this reason it is recommended to tackle this task as soon as possible so you can promote your home's security and privacy, especially in the master suite.Measure your windows and buy appropriately-sized curtain rods and draperies, or window blinds which you can open and close as you need them for privacy.

A great benefit of installing window blinds in your windows is you can have motorized blinds installed on any windows in your home, especially those that may be too high to open and close on a daily basis. For example, if your home has vaulted ceilings with windows reaching the ceiling. In this situation when the sun's rays shine into these windows during summer, it can heat your home. But with motorized blinds installed on these windows, you can open or close the blinds with convenient controls.

Talk to a window covering professional about having your new home fitted and installed with blinds and window coverings to accentuate your home interior decor and to keep your privacy and security when the sun goes down.

Remedy Any Pest Problems

Another essential task for you to tackle with your newly-built home is to remove any unwanted residents who may have moved into your home before you. When a home is being built or after it has been built and has sat vacant for some time, pests can find their way into your home. Some common pests in a newly-built vacant home can include spiders, flies, wasps, and mice, especially if the home is surrounded by fields or other vacant lots. 

Call a professional pest control service and they can come to your new home to treat it for pests. They can use safe and effective treatments so you don't have to worry about your children or pets coming into contact with the treatments.