3 Popular Styles Of Patio Doors

23 June 2018
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If you need to replace your patio door, remember that it is about the function of the patio door as well as the style of the patio door. The three most popular patio door styles are folding patio doors, sliding patio doors, and swinging patio doors.

Folding Patio Door

A folding patio door is great because it doesn't take up that much space. It doesn't require the use of extra space either inside or outside of your home. With a folding patio door, the door slides along a track. The door will fold like it is according style. You can style the folding patio door in a variety of different panels or leaves. The door can be very small, or it can be a much wider and more generous door.

Sliding Patio Door

A popular option is a sliding patio door. Sliding patio doors are often referred to as either bypass doors or gliding doors.

Sliding doors are generally made out of glass. There are usually at least two panels of glass: the stationary panel of glass, and the panel of glass that moves. The panel of glass that moves slides past the panel of glass that is stationary. A sliding glass door doesn't require extra wall space beyond the space that the door itself takes up.

One of the big advantages of a sliding patio door is that you can bring the outside in. Sliding glass doors are great if you want to ease the transition from the inside to the outside. Sliding glass doors also allow extra light into your home as well.

Swinging Patio Doors

The last popular patio door option is the swinging door. There are various types of swinging doors. You can have a regular hinged door that swings open just like a normal door.

Or you can have a French door. With a French door, you want to make sure that the hinges for the door are located inside of your home. You can have a single French door or a pair of French doors. French doors are nice because they allow extra light into your space, much like how a sliding patio door does.

When choosing a patio door, think about how much space you have and if you want to bring more light into your space. If you are short on space, go with a folding patio door. If you want something that will allow light in, go with a sliding patio door or a French door. If you want sometimes simple or basic, go with a swinging patio door.

For more information about your options, contact a local patio door installation company.