Why You'll Love Casement Windows

15 April 2018
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If you are going to replace the windows in your home, you have to think about the functionality and usage requirements of each individual fixture on your building. That is, not every window is going to require the same type of fixture. For instance, you don't need to have movable or openable glass panes on many of your fixtures. Obviously, installing fixed windows, wherever possible is going to save you some money. But, you are going to want most of your fixtures to be movable so you can let air in and out.

Most builders use sliding windows because they are cheap, easy to use, and easy to maintain. But, you should consider and the various perks of installing casement style fixtures. This article explains the best things about casement windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are basically like doors. They swing outward on hinges. Free singing hinges are the most practical because for most windows. They are also the cheapest and easiest to take care of. There are also geared hinges that are controlled using a crank or electronic mechanism. These can be more convenient on some windows and are often necessary on larger windows or those that are high up on the wall and more difficult to reach.

However, if the opening mechanism gets damaged, it can be more expensive to repair. This is particularly true with electronic openers. Nonetheless, electronic openers are ideal for large, heavy windows, and for homeowners who don't have the physical ability to open their windows by hand.

Some people like the fact that casement windows are made out of one solid piece of glass. This lets more lighting and creates a larger viewing area compared to a sliding window that is going to be made up of two separate sashes. So, there is basically a line in the middle of the fixture that blocks light.

Many people just like the way that casement windows look. They can even look stylish when they are left half open. This creates a traditional look.

While it is a matter of personal preference, you also need to consider which styles are going to they be the most practical and easy to use from room to room. You will probably find that casement windows can be very useful in many situations, especially in places where you will be able to fully utilize a cranking mechanism.

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