5 Signs You Need New Windows

6 March 2018
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New windows are an attribute of your home and make your property look more attractive both outside and in. If you haven't had your windows upgraded in a while, then see if your windows are suffering from any of the following five signs you need new window glass.

Condensation in glass 

Condensation inside window glass can make windows appear foggy and dirty. Water collected up inside the panes is hard to remove, if not impossible, and will permanently mar your glass with water droplets and other issues.

Condensation in window glass occurs due to a discrepancy in the window pane or framework, often the result of aged or weathered windows that are peeling away from their frames. Talk to your window contractor about horizontal sliding windows or other modern window trends.

Energy costs

Outdated or single pane windows can allow too much sunlight to get in, affecting your ability to save money on energy bills. There are double and triple pane windows on the market today that can help lower your energy bills.

Curb appeal

The curb appeal of your home may be lesser than it should be due to cracked, peeling, or outdated windows. Your home assessor will let you know if new windows will increase your home's curb appeal, the type of windows you should get, and may even refer you to a window contractor. Your window contractor will work with your budget to help you choose windows that work best for your home.

Broken glass

Replace all windows that have broken, chipped, or cracked glass in them. Not only are cracked or broken windows unsightly, but they can also be very dangerous, leading to cuts and abrasions if a window were to shatter while being closed.

Your window specialist will repair any broken or damaged windows on your property, leaving decent windows intact. If you want to replace multiple windows, talk to your contractor about a discount for many windows being treated.

Aluminum windows

While aluminum windows can be long-lasting, they are not very decorative in design and are very dated. Consider upgrading to wood, vinyl, or newer aluminum windows instead of the flat, basic design (very common with older homes). If budget is a concern, your window installation specialist will assist you in choosing the best window frames for your finances. You may even be able to work out a payment plan, which you can run by your window installation expert for approval.