3 Inexpensive Living Room Updates For You To Try

31 January 2018
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Are you a homeowner who is getting tired of your home? Although selling and moving to a new home can be great, it's not always the best idea when your only reason for doing so is being tired of your surroundings. Not only is it a major hassle, the whole process can be quite expensive. Instead of moving completely, you should consider updating and redecorating your home to make it look fresh and new. If you're concerned about the cost of doing this, here are some of the most affordable living room updates you can do:

Window coverings: If you've had the same curtains or blinds since you've moved into your home, now is a good time to purchase new window treatments. While you might not initially think so, different window treatments can significantly change the look and feel of a room. Curtains that are light and airy can make a room feel bright and cheerful while thick curtains or blinds can give a more somber feel to a room. If you've been avoiding changing to more sheer window treatments due to a lack of privacy, consider combining regular curtains with frosted or stained glass window film.

Furniture coverings: Many people simply get rid of their old sofas and chairs when they are no longer in style. Unfortunately, buying new furniture to match current trends can be an expensive undertaking. Instead of buying all new things, consider simply purchasing chair and sofa covers. Instead of simply looking like sheets, as your parents' or grandparents' covers may have been, modern coverings can be purchased that are form-fitting and look like they are the original upholstery. If you have a little more money, consider actually reupholstering your furniture to match the window treatments and the other changes that you've made to the room.

Renew the walls: This may mean repainting everything, but it doesn't have to. If you can't afford to completely repaint your living room, consider painting one accent wall and simply giving the others a good scrub. Since it happens so gradually, you might not have noticed but walls can get dirty in the same way that floors can. This is especially true around light switches and doorways, where the wall is prone to be touched. Cleaning on a regular basis can help avoid the darkest of stains, but it's still a good idea to wash the walls every few years to help remove layers of oil and dust that you might not have otherwise noticed.

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