3 Missteps To Avoid In Selecting And Hanging Drapes

23 March 2017
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In designing a room, selecting and hanging the drapes might seem like the easiest task of all. In actuality, there are mistakes that you could make that lead to a less-than-perfect appearance. To avoid this, here are some common mistakes that people make with drapes and tips for getting it right.  

Painting Before Choosing the Drapes

It might seem logical to paint a room before choosing the drapes, but this could prove to be a bad decision. The drapes help to set the pattern and overall tone for the room. If you paint first, you will be forced to find drapes that fit the paint. Unfortunately, this could prove to be a challenging feat.  

However, if you select the drapes first, you will have a far easier time of finding a paint to match them. You can even opt for a customized shade that perfectly complements the drapes.  

Incorrectly Measuring the Drapes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in selecting your new drapes is failing to measure the windows correctly. When the measurements are wrong, the drapes can either be too short or long. You could even end up with the wrong size rods.  

Before starting your search for new drapes, take the time to consider how you want to hang them and measure the area according to this. As an added precaution, measure the area once more to confirm you have the right measurements. Not only will this prevent having the wrong size drapes, but it will save you time and effort.  

Ironing the Drapes

It is important to get the wrinkles out of your drapes, but ironing them might not be the way to go. When you iron the drapes, they tend to spread out across the bottom. The pleats combined with the spread-out look will only lead to a look that is not uniform.  

To prevent this, consider steaming the drapes instead. The steam will help to preserve the pleats and remove the wrinkles, and you do not have to remove them from the rod to do it. If you do decide to iron your drapes, do not apply direct heat to them. Place a towel over them and use the iron on the lowest setting possible.  

Consult with an interior designer or window treatments retailer like Lorraine's Window Coverings to learn about other possible mistakes that could result in imperfect results. You can also explore other window treatment options and receive help in determining which is best for your home.