Auto Windshield Damage In The Driveway: Four Seasons Of Coverage Through Home Or Auto Insurance

27 August 2015
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It's hard to imagine that your car windshield could crack or shatter when it's parked in the driveway. However, this type of damage can occur, and you likely want to get an auto windshield replacement as soon as possible. When looking for coverage on the replacement costs, a parked car in your driveway could fall under both home and auto insurance. Deciding on the best option depends on the exact circumstances. By breaking down the different seasons of the year, you can determine which type of insurance to file a claim with so you can get the coverage and have your new auto glass as soon as possible. As you browse through the following four seasons, you may also consider adding different insurance coverage to ensure this damage never comes out of your own pocket.


The start of summer means that you'll be swimming, hanging out outdoors and keeping up with the landscaping. Using a mower or riding mower on your property makes it easy to cut grass, but there are also hazards along the way. When a mower blade flies over a rock, the rock can get flung through the air and crash into the windshield of a vehicle. As you go for a repair, there are multiple options for your insurance claims.

Under your home insurance policy, a mower incident may be covered under liability coverage. A comprehensive coverage option on your car insurance will also cover the windshield replacement or repair. If the rock went through a neighbor's vehicle windshield, then the claim would likely go under your home insurance because the incident occurred on your own property.


The autumn months are known for a lot of changes and the start of the holiday season. Halloween is all about fun and mischief, but sometimes a little prank could lead to vandalism on your home and car windshield. A lot of home policies cover vandalism in a basic coverage package. The actual costs of the windshield repair depends on your home deductible in this case. For example, if your deductible is $300, then the insurance will cover the amount of the windshield repair after you have paid the initial $300.

For car insurance options, vandalism is often covered through a comprehensive coverage plan. This means that basic car insurance will not cover painted, cracked, or smashed windows. But with the add-on plan, your Halloween trick can be repaired long before you finish all your Halloween treats.


If you're forced to park outside in the winter, then you are dealing with a lot of hazards that can cause automobile windshield damage. One of the easiest ways to get windshield damage on your vehicle is from icicles. When icicles fall, they can easily pierce through windshield glass. When you try to file a claim through your home insurance, some adjusters may see the fallen icicles as negligence on your part. As a part of proper home maintenance, icicles and snow should be removed from rooftops.

As for your auto insurance, a detailed coverage plan may contain weather related auto damage. Look at the specifics for your plan to ensure that it covers ice, snow, and other winter hazards. This could make a huge difference as you try to file a claim and get the windshield repaired for little to no cost.


The spring season does not just bring in showers, it brings in thunderstorms and a whole lot of wind. The spring weather hazards can cause damage to your windshield a number of different ways. This includes large pieces of hail or branches blown off trees on your property. Home insurance often covers this type of weather damage, especially if you have dwelling insurance for areas like a garage.

Auto insurance can also help cover these claims. A comprehensive plan includes specific coverage for "falling objects." Branches or pieces of hail are considered falling objects and are often covered through your plan.

As you move forward with any type of auto glass replacement and repairs, it's important to contact your insurance agents for information on your coverage. If you need more information about the actual repair process, you can visit sites like