3 Ways To Keep Your House Warm In The Winter Without Wearing Out Your Heater

19 February 2018
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Looking for ways to keep your house warm during those cold winter months? Here are three things you can do to effectively get the job done:

Incorporate Area Rugs into Your Design

An easy yet effective way to warm the rooms in your home up when it gets chilly during the winter is to incorporate a few area rugs into your décor. A thick area rug will provide a buffer between your feet and the cold floor, which will help keep you warm as you navigate through your house without wearing out your heating system.

While your new area rugs probably won't eliminate your need for a heater, they should reduce the amount of time you have to use the heater throughout the day. The higher the thread count, the more insulation your area rugs will provide. Look for rugs made of materials that provide effective insulation performance such as wool, cotton, and nylon. Choose brightly colored rugs to brighten your rooms up, or go for muted tones that enhance the sophistication you're trying to convey throughout your home's design.

Invest in a New Ceiling Fan or Two

Another great way to keep your house warm during the winter is to install ceiling fans that allow you to switch the direction that their blades spin in the rooms your family spends the most time in throughout the day. When it's warm outside, your ceiling fans will rotate counter-clockwise to push cool air down into the rooms of your home.

But during the winter, you can program them to spin clockwise so the warm air that rises in your house gets pushed back down to mix with the colder air. This will keep room temperatures consistently warm without having to constantly run your heater. Installing fans in your family members' rooms where blankets are typically used to keep warm may eliminate the need to have your heater on at all during the night.

Install Energy Star Rated Windows

Replacing your old drafty windows with Energy Star rated options is possibly the most efficient way to keep your house warm during the winter and reduce the need for your heating system overall. Energy Star rated windows are designed to keep cold drafts out so temperatures stay consistently comfortable indoors day and night, no matter how cold it is outside. You can optimize the insulation performance of your new Energy Star windows by applying insulation film to them.

The film will further reduce heat gain and loss throughout the year and protect the interior of your home from the sun's UV rays. Window insulation film comes in a variety of colors, designs, and textures, making it possible to customize the look and feel of every room in your home. You can even make your energy efficient windows look like they've been made out of tinted glass, or create a custom look by mixing and matching different colors and textures on each window.